Monday, 19 February 2018

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

It’s a New Year, and I have some new information on my spiritual healing practice. I have been working out of Synergy Mind Body Wellness offices at 399 Arguello (@ Clement) in San Francisco. My primary business day is Sunday for in-office sessions, though I have some flexibility at this office site for other days and evenings.

I am still offering Shamanic and Hypnotherapy approaches to spiritual healing. I am not offering Reiki as a stand-alone session, but do incorporate Reiki into my other sessions. Sometimes I combine the Shamanic and Hypnotherapy together to help you on your own trance journeys so seek out your own power or information, but usually a session is either specifically Shamanic or Hypnotherapy. Here is a quick overview and explanation of these two modalities:

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that I lead you into by talking to you. It’s a bit like dreaming, but you are still conscious. Once in this trance state I talk to your subconscious through the stories, images, and secret messages, leveraging your powerful subconscious to make the changes that you have not been able to consciously make. I usually recommend hypnotherapy if you have a specific anxiety or behavior you would like to change. Some examples: fear of moths, fear of flying, fear of getting on elevators, eating issues, sleep problems, meditation. Usually these specific anxiety or behaviors can be changed in 3-4 sessions. This is also a powerful tool for investigating past lives, finding out what a special dream meant, or recovering memories from earlier in your life. I also have some long term clients, who are working on changing patterns of behavior or more diffuse anxiety issues. I use hypnosis to make small changes in their life that accumulate into big changes and allow them more freedom of choice.

In Shamanic sessions, I use a drum’s percussive beat to lead us both into a trance. You get to relax, and I do the work by going on a sacred journey bringing back healing and power for you. The general work of a shaman is empowering, healing, freeing the client from outside influence, and bringing back information from the spirit world. I would suggest Shamanic work if you have any of these feelings: lack of energy, lack of resolve, not fitting in, not feeling like yourself, fear of the dark, or you feel like you have something or someone attached to you, or you have a scary place in your home. Also if you have a big decision to make and want the advice of your spirit guardians, you want information from the dead, or you’ve lost something and want information on where to find it. I specialize in dealing with scary attachments to your person or home.

I am willing to do some shamanic work remotely, but it depends on the circumstance.

If you are interested in participating in a monthly shamanic journey group please join the Shaman Circle

Friday, 15 July 2011

Remembering a friend

I stand on the top point of the hill; balanced on the small rock there, that juts out toward the sky. Looking to the north and down the hill slightly, I see the path that passes the jaguar stone, that place of lurking power on this hill, and beyond it stands my friend the tree. I have spent time in his branches, feeling his movement in the wind. The oceanic swell and flow rocking me sometimes into rest and sometimes listening to my electronic drum beat shifting into the other realms held safe in his embrace. I bring offerings here, small crystals placed in cones on high, craggy bark or the insect ravaged bole. Place rocks from the far off ocean at his feet, and ripe apples in his hair. I fly to this hill often as I come and go between this world and the others. He always with the caress, hug and word of advice. Recently on a visit in this world, I found him toppled over on his side. Some well meaning Park resource folk had cut his insect ravaged side away months before, but now without that weight and balance, the wind has rocked him loose and he rests against the wind and earth. I was fearful he was dead or dying. I ran down to him, circled round him, held his prone trunk. He said “I am still here alive and well. My friend do not fear this change for I am not sad.” But I grieved, I knew the Parks people would cut him up when they found out. But weeks went by and he remained, adapting to his new position. Just last week I visited him, standing in the shelter he creates, the still point while the wind roars past. I gave his trunk a long hug. Even as I imagined what that new place could be like for all of us. I sheltered spot on this cold hill, and a special place for all the animals, I felt my grief come upon me strongly. He said again, “Do not grieve for me. I am here. Even if they do cut me up and haul me away, I still stand here. My roots still reach down through this earth and through the worlds. And I still stand in your memory and in the place between worlds.” The next day I came to visit again, and even though I could see him in my mind’s eye, he was dismembered. Cut to pieces, stacked in neat piles, his trunk shorn of branches. The Wind unfettered and free howls over that part of the hill. Jaguar rock remains, growling at deaf dogs and people passing. And when I step out of my self and balance on that top rock, looking to the north and down the hill, I still see my friend standing tall, arms outstretched to the sky and feet deep in the earth. He still gives me an embrace, a word of advice, and ushers me into the underworld.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Karuna Reiki® Received

This past weekend I took part in an excellent class with Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki and completed my training in Karuna Reiki®.

It was a 3 day workshop titled: Karuna Reiki® Master Intensive. With just 3 students, we had lots of personal attention and plenty of time to learn the symbols that are such an integral part of the Karuna system. It was a lot of fun and Anna helped make the whole process play instead of work.